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College Planning and Application Process

College Planning

Give yourself the best chance to get into an excellent college or university by seeking guidance from a knowledgeable professional. 

Stratford Tutoring & College Planning Mission Statement:

The Internet provides us with an overabundance of "information" in the form of blogs, opinions, college-related websites, etc.  Most students have a great number of questions when they first begin preparing for college.  Parents want to know how they can best help their student feel less overwhelmed by all the application and testing requirements.  Both students and parents also want to know what to look for during a college visit, especially where the academic and social setting are concerned.  Location and finances, among other college issues, must also be considered.

College Hall, University Of Pennsylvania, Admission Application in Encino, CA

Stratford College Planning provides students with the best resources to help them narrow down their college list and focus on critical factors to consider for their college education. Students and parents need to know how to analyze and recognize information of the highest quality.   My passion for teaching students how to take ownership of their college exploration process is what drives my educational mission.  I also encourage family involvement, especially with regard to open discussions about college financing and giving their students opportunities to hone their consumer purchasing and housekeeping skills...before they attend college.  Part of the college experience is learning to adapt to different living environments.  From a social standpoint, students who know how to live independently will make welcomed roommates!

From an academic standpoint, students who learn to research effectively and focus on reliable sources will be instilled with far greater confidence to make intelligent, informed choices as they move through the college application process.  Resourcefulness and the ability to think critically will serve students in countless ways, whether they are attending college or later, as they pursue their careers.  I am here to help students do just that!

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Getting into the university of your choice--one that fits the appropriate criteria--starts long before you ever see an admission application. Receive help developing the right college plan for you with an expert in Encino, California. At Stratford Tutoring & College Planning, LLC, Margo Cohen works with high school students and their families to make sure they are prepared for higher education.